2015 Vacation Bible School
Join the fun at Camp Kilimanjaro, 
where you'll have an epic expedition through the book of Proverbs! Every day, our kids are faced with choices—will they choose wisely or foolishly? As they safari up Mount Kilimanjaro, your trekkers learn that true wisdom comes only from the one true all-wise God, who wants us to be wise! And He's filled the book of Proverbs with wise sayings for us!  Set your compasses for Africa and prepare for an epic expedition at Camp Kilimanjaro VBS!

Register online:  http://answersvbs.com/vbs/ibcmag

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We want to be a church that worships God. We want to be a church that is constantly concerned about our community by reaching out and touching others.

Jesus said "Love the Lord, thy God, with all your heart, mind, soul and body" and "Love your neighbor as yourself".  Then Jesus gave a great parable about serving others.  Therefore at Immanuel Baptist Church we desire to be a community with a passion for God first, others second, and service third.

In summary, we worship our Heavenly Father, we love others and we serve in some capacity to the glory of God. 

We invite you to join us on this journey.  Thanks for visiting our website, now join us in person this Sunday!


Life Groups: Sunday at 9:30AM
A Sunday School class provides authentic community for every person. It can satisfy that "longing for belonging" like nothing else.

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9:30 AM - Life Group Bible Study

10:45 AM -  Morning Worship

6:00 PM - Evening Worship


5:45 AWANA

6:00 College and Adult Bible Study

Church Phone: 870-234-4042

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